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Sunday, July 22, 2012

How stupid can parents get?

Here is one of the most idiotic events that parents these days can accomplish: hacking several times into a school computer system to change their kids' grades. This woman, Catherine Venusto, 45, did exactly that and got caught.

What irks me most is not that she did it, but that officials had this to say:

"State police say Venusto admitted changing the grades, saying she thought her actions were unethical but not illegal."


How can a person living in North America, who is presumably educated NOT know that this activity is illegal? How can something be unethcial yet not illegal in this context?

But what comes out further is this outrage:

"State police discovered Venusto used Wright's username and password 110 times to access the district's online grading system, according to the District Attorney's office. Venusto also allegedly accessed nine other faculty members' email accounts without permission, and accessed the human resources "H-drive" to view "thousands of files associated with district policy, contract information, employee reports and personnel issues.""


To do this over 100 times is not just an "unethical" mistake, its a federal crime and is as wrong as if she had hacked into bank accounts, medical files or the IRS system. This shows that she had forethought and knew exactly what she was doing. What ever happened to talking with the teachers? And if her kid got a 98, why not  be satisfied with that, since it beats out practically 85% of the rest of the class.

This example of bad parenting is a prime reason we have to get back to educating people (kids) on the basics and on the difference between right and wrong.

This woman is so stupid, that I think her computer priviledges should be revoked indefinitely. Which is what will happen since she faces up to 42 years in prison and a fine of up to $90,000 if convicted.

Since she had practically admitted her wrong-doing, this is nearly a certainty.

C'mon lady, wise up. Your helicopter parenting days are over, thank goodness. We don't want you to set any more bad examples for your kids or any other kids.

And let this be a lesson in bad parenting and the difference between right and wrong. If something feels unethical, it usually is illegal as well.

PS to the district supervisor of this school system: next time, change your password whenever someone leaves their employment who had access to your computer system. Better yet, never hire a parent who has kids in your district for a position with access to computers, ever. It would be too tempting for today's helicopter parents.